You’re Bang & Olufsen is having problems, preventing it operating as you would expect or perhaps it has stopped working entirely.  With a repair, the offending part may well be replaced with a brand new part from the factory to fix the problem.

Predictive Servicing

Do you have a system that has a part which could conceivably fail in the near future and do you wish to give it the best chance to run for years to come as if new? A Predictive service utilises parts we can still source from Bang & Olufsen before they stop producing them.

General Service

Your system after a number of years may require a service to simply ensure it is performing well and still looking as good. It could be as simple as replacing fabric covers to your speakers to make them look new again, or cleaning out the dust and grime blocking up an older system.

With years of experience, Bang & Olufsen Repair is the go to for the repair and servicing of your loved B&O repair equipment. As Scotlands only accredited B&O engineer, there is nobody else with the same working knowledge of BeoVisions, BeoLabs and BeoSounds!

We work in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City, Scotland’s only dealer, and as such can deal both directly with you and also via the store. For some the store is local and dropping off the item in question may be the most viable, for others who live further out we offer a home service where we can come and uplift or repair on site.

Repairs and servicing is usually completed with around 7 working days. Occasionally it may take slightly longer should parts be required from Denmark. We charge a standard inspection fee of £100 for items dropped off to us at Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City, whilst the costing depend on where you are geographically. Please enquire for an exact price.