Repairing Classic B&O

I feel I have to write this as it is usually as safe assumption that a product you have purchased 10 to 20 years ago is not something still supported by the company that produced it.  Then again, things are a little different over at Bang & Olufsen as you may well know!  The Danish brand is known for it’s excellent support of it’s products past and present.

So when it comes to those products that you purchased in the mid to late 90’s, chances are they have run without missing a beat for the most part.  So for the occasional few that may run into problems, whether from a technical stance or simply from aesthetic damage, Bang & Olufsen repair have you covered.  Should your speaker covers be damaged or a door of your audio system is scratched, keep in mind that repairs on the aesthetics are also possible.

Speakers are the obvious one to mention for minor repairs like new fabric covers on the BeoLab 8000’s or refoaming of the woofers on BeoLab 6000, but I know many a person that still retains their original BeoVision Avant or MX series TV!  So don’t throw them out on the assumption they’ve had their day, there could be life in them yet.

If you are in need of a repair Bang & Olufsen Repair should be your first stop.  The only accredited Bang & Olufsen engineer in the Scotland area, with the accompanying knowledge of these classic and vintage products.

I would always say to please check with me first, but for the most part it should not be a problem.  Pop on over to the classic and vintage page to see a fuller list of supported products in that category.

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