BeoLab 90, The Perfect Speaker

Bang & Olufsen are a rather unique audio brand.  They operate in a space that others don’t.  The lifestyle brand that build products to an extremely high standard, uses cutting edge technology and applies an equally heavy emphasis on aesthetics and generally living with the product.

As a result they are the go to brand for those that want the best quality home audio equipment that they can actually live with.  All speakers in the range, for the power and quality they pack, are relatively compact when compared to the big box like speakers you see elsewhere.

One segment of the market they traditionally haven’t tapped into is the audiophile.  The audiophile doesn’t care how it looks, or the space it takes up.  They will combine elements of different systems to customise what in their mind is the best set up despite the boxes and wires that it leaves lying around.  In November 2015, to celebrate their 90th anniversary as a company, Bang & Olufsen launched a speaker which would appease the audiophile..and the rest of us too.

BeoLab 90 is the result of briefing the engineers over at Bang & Olufsen to build the best loudspeaker in the world.  Simple as that.  Regardless of cost or size, they utilised everything in their arsenal to create the speaker that for the last 6 months has made the industry sit up and take note.  It was only at the end of the process that the designers were finally allowed to get their hands on it and make it look presentable!  BeoLab 90 is like having an IMAX in your front room, like sitting in the front row at a concert or being in the studio as the album is recorded.  There are only a 4 pairs of BeoLab 90 UK-wide and one of those pairs is over at the Merchant City showroom so I’d encourage you to pop on over and have a listen as nothing will ever quite sound the same again!
BeoLab 90

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