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Giving your Bang & Olufsen a new lease of life

Before Repair

Speakers over time are susceptible to wear and tear both internally and externally. From sustained to children and pets, there are many reasons that your Bang & Olufsen could benefit from our servicing & repair service.

After Repair

Once your Bang & Olufsen system has been serviced or repaired by an official Bang & Olufsen engineer, you will be able to use it to the fullest of its ability for many years to come.

From minor servicing to significant repair

The go to place for Bang & Olufsen repairs

James Corrigan of Bang & Olufsen Repair is the ONLY accredited B&O engineer in Scotland meaning that he has the training and support of Bang & Olufsen, Denmark. It also guarantees the access to official Bang & Olufsen parts for your TV’s, speakers & audio systems.

Scotland of course is a rather large area and therefore our customers have the option of bringing the equipment to Glasgow or in home repairs.

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TV Repairs
  • BeoVision Avant (2014-Present)
  • BeoVision 11
  • BeoVision 12
  • BeoVision 10
  • BeoPlay V1
  • BeoVision 8
  • BeoVision 7
  • BeoVision 6
  • BeoVision 5
Audio System Repairs
  • BeoSound 5
  • BeoSound 3000/3200
  • BeoSound 9000
  • BeoSound 4
  • BeoCenter 2
Loudspeaker Repairs
  • BeoLab 8000
  • BeoLab 6000
  • BeoLab 4000
  • BeoLab 1
  • BeoLab 9
  • BeoLab 2
  • BeoLab 9
  • BeoLab 14
  • Full Current Range & More!
Servicing Options
  • Product health check
  • Remote control parts change
  • 3
  • 4
We charge an up front £100 non refundable inspection fee.  This covers the engineers time and assessment of your equipment at which point you’ll receive a quote for any subsequent parts and labour that may be required.

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What is Bang & Olufsen Servicing

What is Bang & Olufsen Servicing

Extending The Life Of Your System



The BeoVision Television



BeoLab Speakers

Audio Systems

Audio Systems

From BeoCenter to BeoSound

Classic B&O

Classic B&O

New Life To Older Systems

Why People Pick Bang & Olufsen

Some Reasons Why The Brand Retains Its Customers
Build Quality

Built to the highest standards that Bang & Olufsen have come to expect from themselves, continually raising the bar over its 90 year history.


Renowned for longevity, B&O equipment will often be actively used for over two decades if not more!


Using only the best materials not only improves the sound and picture quality, it also makes a longer lasting product.


What other company can offer you dedicated engineer support and parts for systems that are many years old, even ones which are not produced any more.

What’s The Latest News From Bang & Olufsen Repair?

Have a look at the latest news and info from Bang & Olufsen Repair giving you an insight into the engineering of your beloved TV and Audio systems.

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